Experience Direct Contact With The Other Side Through The Psychomanteum

The use of the psychomanteum is actually an ancient process initiated for contacting the dead. Details for the usage of such a portal for inter-dimensional contact can be found in the writings of the ancient Greeks. In those ancient times, dark chambers were configured and various types of liquids were used to create a reflective surface, were upon the user gazed into the darkness seeking contact with those in the world of spirit. In recent times, Dr. Raymond Moody has resurrected the concept of the psychomanteum and modified it for modern usage and research.
The psychomanteum room is a very dimly lit, curtained chamber with simply a chair and a mirror opposite the chair. The mirror is offset so that the user is not gazing directly at their reflection, but rather gazes into the depths of the mirror which acts as a portal into other dimensions. It is through this gazing that intuitive and/or visual contact is made, or as in the experiences of some of Dr. Moody's subjects, full bodied apparitions have appeared to make contact.
The primary intent for using the psychomanteum is to ease the symptoms of grief associated with the loss of a loved one. However, there are other uses for the psychomanteum which are highly significant in creating a state of expanded awareness and offering answers and healings to those who take part in the process. Some of these reasons for seeking a session in the psychomanteum are:
- communication with a departed individual for connection or closure
- connections with one's higher self or guides in order to ask questions or receive advice
- connections to past or future lives to receive valuable insight on one's present path
This and much more can take place with a session in the psychomanteum.


A session within the psychomanteum is a very careful and thought out process. You will have a facilitator guiding you from beginning to end. When booking a session, be prepared to devote from 2 - 2-1/2 hours for your session. The first part of your session will be a talk and some intake questions, focusing on what you want or expect to experience in the psychomanteum. Next you will be guided through some deep relaxation and meditative techniques so that you can fully relax into the experience of the psychomanteum and benefit more from your session. Your facilitator will be close by at all times to ensure you are in a safe and comfortable environment.
After your session within the psychomanteum chamber, you will be able to answer questions or talk about your experience while it is fresh and clear in your conscious mind.
The most important thing to remember when seeking an experience within the psychomanteum, is to be open to all possibilities. Each person's experience will be unique to themselves, but entering with an attitude of acceptance, an open heart and an awareness that all things are possible; will ensure that you have a fulfilling and healing experience in the psychomanteum chamber.
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